C’mon Baby….Let’s Twist & Shout

I have no idea where I got this polish from or when it arrived in my house. My assumption is that this is one of my kids polishes since I would never in a million years have bought this polish! Bright Neon Green? No thank you! This is something for a teenager not the mother of a teenager! This polish brand is Nail Fantasies and the color is Twist & Shout.

So if that is the way I feel, then why am I continuously finding myself drawn to this polish? Why am I oddly loving the way it looks on? Now I probably wouldn’t be caught wearing this to work or a friends wedding, but I definitely think I may be rocking this over Memorial Day weekend or at the beach.  It is bright and fun and I really kind of like it! Who knew? I guess sometimes you just have to give things a try that you don’t think you will like and just see what happens. It just might surprise you.

This polish applied pretty well. It applied opaque like this in two coats. There is no top coat with this polish. this applied pretty smoothly as well. Anyone know where you find Nail Fantasies polish? Is it a pretty good brand? Any info would be appreciated. I’d love to try some more from this brand.

Lastly, would you wear a bright neon green like this? 

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